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Designed to dry up to a 2" ink pattern

FP-4320-10-2-NI, 4320 Watt, 208-240 Volt, 18 Amp, 10" heated length ** NEW **

FP-6480-16-NI, 6480 Watt, 208-240 Volt, 27 Amp, 16" heated length ** NEW **

Designed to dry up to a 3.25" ink pattern

FP-2400-6-NI, 2400 Watt, 208-240 Volt, 10 Amp, 6" heated length

FP-4320-10-NI, 4320 Watt, 208-240 Volt, 18 Amp, 10" heated length

FP-6480-16-NI, 6480 Watt, 208-240 Volt, 27 Amp, 16" heated length

Designed to dry up to a 4.75" ink pattern

FP-6480-10-NI, 6480 Watt, 208-240 Volt, 27 Amp, 10" heated length

FP-9720-16-NI, 9720 Watt, 208-240 Volt, 40 Amp, 16" heated length

FP-10000-25-NI, 10000 Watt, 208-240 Volt, 42 Amp, 25" heated length

Dual Drying Systems (designed to dry two separate ink patterns)

All of the above models can be supplied as a dual system to dry (2) separate ink patterns.  The system will come complete with two drying modules and one dual control system, allowing an operator to individually control each drying module as required.

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“Near Infrared” Ink Jet Drying Systems